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Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies in APAC - 2021

Atient monitors display and analyze the patient’s vital functions continuously, making it a vital device for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Evidently, one of the most significant achievements in the healthcare industry has been the adoption of patient monitoring systems and the progress to enhance patient care remotely – a noteworthy development in the post-COVID19 era. These smart solutions have allowed patients to share real-time healthcare information with their caregivers, provisioning a more flexible approach to health monitoring and management.

Patients’ healthcare is dramatically improved thanks to the internet of medical things. The increased burden of chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes and the simplicity of use of portable devices contribute to the expansion of the patient monitoring market, which is projected to reach USD 55.1 billion by 2025.

Healthcare providers are incorporating revolutionary technologies such as IoT and automation that can provide advanced patient care with ease. Smartwatches and wireless devices that provide patient monitoring data are a key trend in patient care, resulting in the introduction of mobile Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) systems. Demand for patient monitoring systems during the COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed, resulting in manufacturers increasingly working on expanding production. Minute changes in the patient’s physiological data, detected by the Patient monitoring devices, can prove to be groundbreaking in the treatment processes. Thus, they prevent avoidable hospitalizations and decrease the number of unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

To help healthcare sectors choose the right technology provider, MD Tech Review has compiled a list of some of the prominent patient monitoring technology providers that exhibit competence in delivering robust solutions. This edition also comprises advice, insights, and thought leadership from industry experts to aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you MD Tech Review’s “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Providers in APAC - 2021”

    Top Patient Monitoring Solution companies in APAC

  • Napier Healthcare Solutions is a specialist global technology vendor for healthcare providers. Its headquarters is located in Singapore and also has its presence in Australia, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Napier is driven by the focus to deliver Excellence in Healthcare Management. Its offerings are built with inputs from industry veterans, clinicians, medical authorities, and patients. Napier’s modular products are scalable and easy to implement, making it the obvious choice for small, mid-sized, and large private as well as public sector hospitals.

  • Qardia works to provide relevant data of a CIED and the heart to the concerned physician. It is Australia's first third-party RPM service provider for patients with implantable cardiac devices regardless of the manufacturer, monitoring all patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Adherium


    Adherium Limited is an international Respiratory eHealth company focused on patient medication adherence, remote monitoring, and data management solutions for patients, payers, and providers. Adherium’s Hailie sensor technology and cloud-based data platform provide real-time feedback on patients' use of inhaled medication. It enables optimal management of difficult-to-treat and severe asthma and COPD and reduces direct and indirect healthcare costs. Together with their strategic partners, they are developing new generation technology and working to deliver value to payers and providers while maximizing the positive reimbursement environment with remote patient monitoring (RPM) payments now in place.

  • CareMonitor


    CareMonitor is a shared care, real-time remote monitoring, and population health management platform with telehealth capability. We’re linking healthcare teams with patients to prevent & manage chronic diseases and prevent avoidable hospitalizations. CareMonitor was recognized in 2020 as an Innovation Challenge champion by the Australian Digital Health Agency. They are honored for this recognition as they continue to champion digital health innovation to provide a healthier future for Australians through connected healthcare. CareMonitor Hospital in the Home solution enables delivery of virtual Hospital in the Home services, empowering patients and enabling clinicians to provide the best possible care

  • Caretaker


    Caretaker Medical is a group of MedTech innovators. They have developed the VitalStream monitoring system, which sets a new standard in portability, simplicity, and medical-grade wearable wireless vital signs monitoring. VitalStream uses a small, comfortable finger cuff to accurately measure continuous, non-invasive beat-by-beat Blood Pressure (“cNIBP”), ECG-Accurate Heart Rate, and Respiration Rate. VitalStream measurements have been shown in Clinical trials to be equivalent to other cNIBP patient monitors and heart rate methods. As MedTech innovators, they anticipate that this solution in vital signs monitoring will disrupt the current patient monitoring environment and become widely adopted in the medical community.

  • ConnecteLife


    ConnectedLife is the leader in the application of motor state diagnostics to the digital, mobile, sensor, and AI technologies. At ConnectedLife, they are immersed in clinical research, data science, and product development. The company has two simple objectives — improving the quality of life of people with chronic conditions and transforming the patient-clinician care assessment. Their solutions pair with off-the-shelf consumer wearable devices, allowing caregivers to access free-living, objective, and longitudinal data, to monitor symptoms, disease progression to develop a personalized treatment response.

  • MedCorp Technologies

    MedCorp Technologies

    At MedCorp, they strive to improve healthcare through wearable technology innovation. We believe that the future of healthcare lies in the fusion of portable treatment administration and patient monitoring. The company features MedCorp's proprietary Core-Body Temperature Sensing technology that provides intravenous drug delivery and patient monitoring through wearable technology. It enables the early detection of infection. These are compact and lightweight pump designs worn under clothing, and they provide wireless information feedback to healthcare professionals. They enable patients to receive treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

  • myHealth Sentinel

    myHealth Sentinel

    myHealth Sentinel is Singapore’s first commercial provider of managed Telehealth Services. The company was formed to answer the government’s call for public-private partnerships to develop innovative new solutions that help address the healthcare needs of its rapidly aging society. The team is helmed by seasoned technology and healthcare professionals with proven experience in developing and operating service businesses. mHS (myHealth Sentinel) is Singapore-based health IT SME that specializes in the delivery of Medical Data Connectivity (MCS) solutions for public and private healthcare systems. Their range of services solutions is built on 3 distinct and award-winning platforms.

  • SmartPeep


    SmartPeep is an AI health-tech company that develops an automated monitoring system to prevent accidents and assist healthcare professionals to respond better towards patients and the elderly, especially those with higher fall risk and low mobility. It helps ease the strain on taking care of the patients and senior residents. The company helps to assist caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes to provide better elderly care with AI and transform the facility to be a safer place for seniors. The company's vision is to support safe aging with the help and usage of AI.

  • The Clinician

    The Clinician

    The Clinician helps develop a digital health platform, ZEDOC, to support the delivery of more proactive, personalized, and value-driven healthcare. By enabling the timely exchange of health outcomes, experiences, and educational information, their platform provides both care teams and patients with real-time, actionable information to improve health outcomes while reducing costs and inefficiencies. They help healthcare organizations digitally transform their care delivery by replacing manual, costly processes with automated and streamlined digital care pathways. Digital care pathways monitor, support, and engage patients along their entire care journey, improving convenience and health outcomes while reducing waste and administrative burden.